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The first air conditioning unit has been designed and invented by Leonardo Da Vinci for the wife of the Milano ducal and has been evolved by engineers until today. As of today almost in every home we have air-conditioning units for heating and cooling purposes. Over the 100 years many research and development have been carried by the engineers workedon the air-conditioning technologies and it has become todays shape. In this context, MEPS Engineering’s experienced engineers provides survey of your requirements, correct ac unit selection and all engineering requirements. Additionally, MEPS undertakes cost effective european brands ac units sale and marketing services with the many various alternatives. Via more than one brand and model alternatives; MEPSoffers solutions for your residential and commercial projects.


We have agreements with the solar panel and inverter manufacturers which are the worldwide leading ones in their sector . MEPS Engineering provides any kind of PV solutions with their experienced engineering team as the base of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). Especially, MEPS Engineering is focused to the roof solar panel installations for residential and hotel projects in Turkey and in Balkanian countries from Montenegrooffice.


MEPS Engineering provides solar water heating solutions in Turkey and Balkanian countries. MEPS Engineering have special manufacturer agreements which are expert on their field and provides package type solutions. Depend on your domestic hot water requirements, necessary calculations and solutions are presented by our experienced engineers with survey as free. Thus you can able to produce your hot water from sunshinefree, and reduce your electrical bills accordingly.


Today’s most important target of the engineering is to achieve maximum comfort with minimum cost, therefore we use centralized heating and cooling units combined with renewable energy in our residential and commercial projects. Same as air conditioning systems HVAC systems are being developed over 100 years, and correct unit selection is very important. Because of this, especially, our managing partners’ experience and via co-operated well known HVAC manufacturers, MEPS Engineering provides professional engineering solutions. From the design of HVAC systems to the selection of the equipment and devices, MEPS Engineering is at your side with it’s experienced staff, and offers you the most appropriate system and affordable alternative solutions for both residential and commercial projects withmultiple brand & model options.


Heat pumps are an excellent choice for a residential and commercial HVAC system, a heat pump can both heat and cool a home by extracting heat energy from the surrounding environment (Air, Water, or Soil) and moving it to another location. In the winter, this means extracting heat from the outdoor air and moving it inside to provide warmth and comfort. In the summer, this means taking heat energy from indoor air and moving it outside. With the developing technology, efficiency of this system become very cost effecting for residential and commercial users and very popular in the world. MEPS Engineering also provides heat pump solutions with his engineering team from the survey of your requirements to the installation withall aspects. MEPS Engineering has dealer agreements with professional European brands and manufacturers soable to supply and installation for your requirements. Besides,necessary subsidiary equipment such as radiators, floor heating systems etc. also provides by MEPSEngineering as a complete solution.


Smart home & security system solutions todays’ popular technology since we all have smart phones. These systems not only provides comfort also provides cost management and security for you. With developed technologies al over the world every day new functions are available. So MEPS Engineering also involved to the smart home & security system solutions with various alternative technology solutions. MEPS Engineering provides wired commercial professional well known brand solutions and besides focused to the wireless smart home systemsolutions. Especially, because of the every day developing technologies wireless, replaceable, easy installed, cost effective and reliable components are very important for the customers. As a part of our portfolio CCTV and Security system solutions are available as well with the worldwide manufacturer system solutions. From wireless home type systems to the high professional security system solutions are available for your requirements.


MEPS Engineering service’s provide professional mechanical, electrical and project management engineering consultancy services. Our design solutions are creative and innovative withenergy efficient design at the core to our ethos. MEPS engineering services mission is to be the leading provider of high quality engineering consultancy services to our client’s by delivering certainty to “cost, function & schedule” on all our projects. We acknowledge that in a company like ours it’s our staff, ethos & culture is the key to differentiate us from our competitors. We seek to develop creative, innovative and sustainable energy efficient design solutions, in order to allow our clients to gain competitive advantage in the business sectors they operate. MEPS Engineering’s goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients and become your engineering solutionpartner of choice.